Client Spotlight: Samantha Bisogno

As Samantha wraps up her first year as a member of Bodymass Gym, we figure it would be fun to reflect back on her journey here at Bodymass, and how it’s truly impacted her appreciation for fitness and overall health. 

Samantha is a consistent member of the gym.  She comes in for morning workouts every weekday.  She is a true testament of someone who takes our coaching direction and sees results because of her focus.  She comes to Build 4 days a week, twice focusing on upper body and twice focusing on lower body. In addition so gets one day a week of high intensity cardio in Burn where she can hang with some of the strongest guys at Bodymass.


In the Spring Samantha decided to take her results to a new level and participate in the Body Composition Challenge. The focus of this six week competition was to improve her body composition by increasing lean mass and decreasing fat mass.  A DEXA scan, the most accurate and detailed measure of body composition, is used to analyze results. Over the course of 6 weeks, from May 17th to June 29th she not only dropped 2.3 lbs of fat, but also gained 7.2 lbs of lean mass causing her body fat percentage to drop from 28.8% to 26.1%!.  


More importantly with the Challenge Samantha learned “a lot about what and how much I needed to eat in order to get stronger. Now I have a better idea of what X grams of protein/carbs/fat looks like in each meal, so I am better equipped to make smart nutrition choices even when I don't have complete control over the meal preparation. I also realized that I had been consuming too much fat and not enough carbs, and I immediately noticed a difference when I made those adjustments and started following the nutrition recommendations for the Challenge.”  She is now able to make smarter nutrition decisions, and her overall health and performance in the gym continues to increase.

Are you interested in taking your fitness & nutrition to the next level? Sign up for the next round of our Body Composition Challenge here!

Written by Bodymass Co-Owner: Virginia Kinkel