Stress Management & Strength Training

We all know that exercising is good for us, but we may still avoid it at all cost. It takes many of us longer to make up an excuse to not exercise than it would to put on your tennis shoes and do something. It's not a matter of if we have time to exercise, but a matter of making the time to exercise.  More importantly that just basic exercise, strength training should be made a priority in your routine. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of regular strength training:

1. Controls weight

2. Combats health conditions and diseases

3. Improves mood and stress levels

4. Boosts energy

5. Promotes better sleep

Strength training allows you to put your body and muscles to have time under tension. When you put that type of stress on your body, it is positive (if completed correctly). It allows your body to have an outlet to relieve the bad types of stress in your life: work, school, family obligations, and busy social calendars. 

When you are on a regular schedule of strength training you build strong muscles, bones, confidence, and self-worth. Strength training simply makes your life better.

At Bodymass, we encourage individuals to complete at least 3-4 days of strength training - working your large muscle groups: lower body, upper body, and core. Our Build Program is a great way to help you get into a regular routine, and to learn proper form and technique - Mondays & Thursdays are upper body days, Tuesdays & Fridays are lower body days.

Set goals as to where you want to be, have a plan, stick to it, and prioritize your day with that in mind. Speak with a health professional or personal trainer for tips on how you can get the most of your workout time based on the goals you wish to achieve.  

Not sure where to begin? Book your first workout free or try our Intro to Build at Bodymass! One of our qualified personal trainers will take you through our Build program to help you feel confident and on your way to combating stress one day at a time!


Written By: Megan Osysko

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New Program Launch: Intro To Build

We are excited to launch a new program at Bodymass -- Intro to Build

We hear it often, “I’d love to do strength training, but let me get in shape first.” This class is meant to bridge that gap and provides the perfect opportunity to transition into strength training.


The Build program is a progressive fitness program designed to improve overall strength, build muscle and teach members how to lift with confidence. 

The Intro to Build program will take you step by step through the major movements, helping set a strong foundation for continued growth in our Build workouts.

This 5-class program will feature:

  • Smaller groups: Classes no more than 5 people (compared to 10 in Build)

  • A slower pace than Build: fewer movements over a 45 minute session

  • A deeper explanation of the “why” behind Bodymass movement philosophy


The slower pace and smaller classes enable you to get to know us better. It will allow you to ask more questions, make sure you’re moving correctly, not feel the unease or pressure that often comes when in a group.  It will get you familiar with the terminology we use in class, the exercises we will be using and how to set up equipment.

Similarly, the smaller setting enables our coaching staff to know you better, learn more about how you move, your injury history, and opportunities for growth in movement.

If you have never picked up a barbell, have been out of weight training for some time, or want to ease slowly into the strength and conditioning world, then this option for you. At $199, the 5 workouts are designed to mimic Bodymass philosophy of frequency and thus will be completed within a two week window. With the opportunity to learn, Intro to Build is the perfect chance to get started with Small Group Training at Bodymass.

Interested in joining Intro to Build? Get started today here!

Written By: Sam Pfister

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