Stop Putting Off Physical Therapy

How long have you had an ache or pain that is lingering? Your thought process is
that it will eventually go away? That it is not REALLY affecting my workout so it is
fine. WRONG!

The body is an incredibly complex structure, and if you want to get the most out of
your training, it has to be working efficiently. What happens when you have a pain
and continue to work through it? Your body & brain have to change the ways your
muscles and joints are moving to allow you to continue to complete the activity.
Every rep you take further deepens these compensations, and makes the original
issue even harder to fix. Not only will these compensations cost you more money
down the road due to needing more rehab visits, but they will also drastically
decrease your performance abilities, because you body is not moving efficiently.

Moral of the story, if you have something that lasts longer than 4-5 days then you
NEED to get it checked out. It many cases it takes just 1 visit to get the pain down
and to get a good program to work on over the next week. You are training at
Bodymass Gym for a reason, to get stronger. This process will happen much faster if
your body is in peak form!


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Written By, Guest Blogger: Dr. Kyle Paxton, Physical Therapist and Owner of Arlington Performance Care