The Importance of Rest Days

Many of us find that quantity over quality or the no days off attitude is the only way to go to get the most out of your workout or training program.  Rest and recovery is an important step that is often not taken seriously in the process of re-building muscle.  If you put constant wear and tear on your body and muscles with no time to recover, you will eventually hit a plateau or decrease in performance – also known as, overtraining.  Overtraining is the excessive frequency, volume, or intensity of training that results in extreme fatigue, illness, or injury.

If you have a hard time just giving yourself days of doing absolutely nothing, here are some ideas on how to off-load for a few days or week without feeling guilty:

  • decrease the amount of sets or reps for each exercise
  • use a lighter weight for each exercise
  • increase the rest periods
  • decrease the number of training days/week
  • decrease the time under tension
  • have a fun workout – try something you normally wouldn’t have before
  • get other things done – organize, clean, help a friend out
  • eat, sleep & RECOVER!