Meet the Trainers



University of Connecticut, BS in Business Administration; NCSF-CPT; Precision Nutrition Level1

Though I may come off as quiet, my coaching personality comes out in the gym. Over the past 10 years as a trainer and coach, I have developed a passion for the strategy and programming that goes into personal training. However, I truly get the most joy from helping my clients gain strength and accomplish goals they never thought possible, all while having fun!



University of Maryland, BS in Kinesiology; California State University – Long Beach, Graduate Studies; NCSF-CPT; Precision Nutrition Level1; National Personal Training Institute Course Instructor

My passion for fitness has grown from playing ‘Personal Trainer’ with my younger sister growing up, to now training and participating in NPC Figure Competitions. Whether a client is a complete beginner or a training veteran, I love helping others to connect with their bodies on a deeper level. I pride myself on my ability to bring focus, energy and commitment to each training session.


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, BS in Human Performance; NSCA-CSCS

I have a passion for helping individuals achieve wins in their life that align with their health and wellness goals. I enjoy educating and coaching individuals on the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle through proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation. I pride myself on being an accountable coach to the individuals I have the opportunity to work with.

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NASM-CPT; NSCA-CPT; CHECK Functional Movement; ISSA

What started as a summer internship, at the University of Miami, working with their swim team, grew into this amazing career helping everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors reach their full potential in the fitness realm.  Moving into my 28th year as a professional trainer, I have experienced working for the diabetes association, owning several training companies, and a director of training for Golds Gym. My approach to training at this point would be to watch, listen, and learn from not only your clients, but from others around you, then execute each and every session.



I enjoy having the opportunity to work with individuals to become better versions of themselves. As a trainer, my focus is to help people establish a healthy relationship with their bodies and their health. My specialty is helping clients transform their physique, and my ultimate goal is to foster confidence inside and outside of the gym.

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University of Connecticut, BS in Kinesiology; Kennesaw State University - Master's in Applied Exercise and Health Science;     NSCA-CSCS; USAW-Level1 Sports Performance Coach

Over 6 years of experience in personal training along with collegiate and military
strength and conditioning has brought me to Bodymass Gym.  I believe that an
energetic and educational environment is key to anyone reaching his/her goals. 
By bringing enthusiasm and knowledge to each training session, I strive help
each client reach their potential.


NASM-CPT/PES; Precision Nutritional Level1; Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1

With an upbringing in various sports, I found a passion for further developing and fine tuning ability and athleticism. This lead me down the Sports Performance path in maximizing skills that range from strength and power to speed development. Further applying these practices to everyone from your average fitness “go-er” to competitive athletes.  

I truly enjoy empowering those who really want to experience what it is like to train like an athlete.


University of Maryland, BS in Kinesiology;

I have been training for seven years, and competing in powerlifting for the last four years. I have worked with a range of clients from beginners who have never stepped foot in a gym, to elite athletes performing at the highest

level in their sport. My typical client is someone who is seeking to gain strength, build muscle and improve his/her
overall fitness.