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How DOes It Work?

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Step 1: Establish Baseline Data

  • DEXA Scan at Bodymass to establish baseline fat & lean pounds

  • Receive a Bodymass Resting Metabolic Rate Test to see how many calories your body burns throughout the day

Step 2: Execute the Plan

  • Follow a Bodymass recommended macro breakdown & nutrition guide (or a nutrition program of your own) for 6-weeks

Step 3: Follow Up Data

  • DEXA scan at the end of the 6-weeks to assess change.

  • Participants are given points for each 1/10th of a pound of increases in lean (muscle) mass and/or loss of fat mass.


1st Place: $500 to Bodymass
2nd Place: $300 to Bodymass
3rd Place: $100 to Bodymass

*Can be used for any service or merchandise item available at Bodymass

Email Virginia@bodymassgym.com with questions