Other Services


Nutrition Coaching

Training is an important part of creating a body composition change, but we know that nutrition is the aspect of fitness that can drastically speed up or slow down your progress. If a client’s goal is to create a composition change we strongly encourage them to spend as much energy on improving their nutrition as they do on improving their workouts. Bodymass has multiple trainers who are also certified nutrition coaches and specialize in driving fat-loss and/or muscle gain.

We also offer 6 and 12-week Nutrition Coaching for non-personal training clients which include nutrition coaching sessions, DEXA scans and Resting Metabolic Rate testing.

Bodymass partners with The Nutrition Corners and Core Nutritionals to help provide our clients with the best supplementation advice and clinically dosed products available in the market today.


Physical Therapy

Bodymass views physical therapy as an extension of “training” and has partnered with Performance Care Clinics to offer in-house physical therapy at both our Arlington and DC locations. Dr. Paxton and his team are an integral part of Bodymass and help provide guidance for our private and small-group programming. Sometimes clients need “training” that is beyond the scope of personal trainers and physical therapy can serve as a resource for any client who needs soft-tissue work, dry-needling or neurological training. We are lucky enough to not only have these services in-house where our clients have quick & easy access, but also to have therapists that understand what we are trying to accomplish with our training programs.

You can read more about Performance Care Clinics on their website or by emailing Dr. Kyle Paxton at dr.paxton@performancecareclinics.com.