Training at Bodymass


Bodymass takes a comprehensive approach to Private Training. Our number one goal isn’t to deliver a “hard workout”, but instead it is to create a training program that can deliver sustainable results as quickly as possible. We are able to do that by moving beyond the workout and leveraging resources like physical therapy, supplementation & nutrition, and composition testing to create a program that addresses all aspects of fitness. Learn more about training at Bodymass below:


Private Training

Although Bodymass has an extensive group training program, we love one-on-one training and creating a more individual program. Private training is a perfect way to get back into working out, work on a specific goal, or spend some time preparing to start taking our group training programs. Based on your individual goals, we can pair your training with our other resources including physical therapy, nutrition coaching & supplementation program, and composition testing to create the most effective program for you.

We offer an introductory private training package called the “Intro to PT” which is 3 1-hour long sessions paired with a DEXA scan to help set training goals and track progress. This is the perfect package for anyone looking to try private training or prepare for group training.



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