Small Group Training

Want group training that isn't overcrowded and cookie-cutter?

With no more than 10 people in each class, our goal is to offer you more personalized coaching and attention than traditional large classes.

BUILD: A 55-minute workout centered on compound  barbell movements, focused on creating strength and perfecting form. Mondays/Thursdays Upper Body; Tuesdays/Fridays Lower Body.

BLAST: A 55-minute moderate intensity, strength-based full body workout designed to build muscle & burn fat.

BURN: A 30-minute high intensity metabolic workout focused on burning fat.

BARBELL: New to strength training, or Bodymass Gym? Barbell gives you the foundation needed to succeed in Build.

MOBILITY FOR STRENGTH: A 60-minute class designed to improve flexibility and mobility to compliment and enhance your strength training.

DROP-IN:          $35

BLACK (4x/cycle): $99

SILVER (8x/cycle): $169

RED (Unlimited): $199

I have friends who do different workouts in the Arlington area, but no one gets the individualized attention that you get at Bodymass Gym.
— Olivia C.

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