Small-Group Training



Build is a progressive training program designed to improve overall strength, build muscle and teach members how to lift with confidence. The program is designed around the “big four” lifts, squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press, but also focuses on improving strength through power, mobility/activation, and unilateral exercises. Upper body Build workouts are Mondays and Thursdays and lower body Build workouts are Tuesdays and Fridays. All Bodymass memberships include mobile access to the Build program through an app so that members can follow along and track progress even when they aren’t in the gym. Build is appropriate for all levels.



Blast is a total body strength training workout that is designed to be a compliment to Build. Blast workouts consist of “trisets” (mini-circuits where an upper, lower and a core exercise are all performed in a row) and finishes with 10 minutes of conditioning. This workout is designed to safely improve functional strength while allowing you to get your heart up. Blast workouts are done on the turf using dumbbells, bands and body-weight exercises - barbells are not used in Blast. Blast is a great options for beginners who have never done heavy strength training before and often serves as a transition from traditional group exercise into our Build program.



We believe that strength training should be the foundation of every person’s program, but we also know that conditioning can also be an important tool to help members reach their goal. Blast is a 30-minute conditioning class that is designed to challenge your heart rate, burn calories and improve your work capacity without the overuse that often comes with traditional “cardio.” Blast workouts consist of multiple intervals or metabolic circuits using the ropes, prowler sled, plyometrics and body-weight exercises. Blast is lower body intensive and intense so IS NOT appropriate for members with injuries or who are new to training.